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For more than 20 years, COPTIS specializes in the development of performance software solutions for Cosmetic R&D Laboratories.

Coptis LAB is an integrated system for formulation management and global regulatory compliance.

It allows the management of centralized databases for substances, raw materials, formulas and packaging components.

In real time formulators are informed of regulatory issues, brand blacklist and market constraints with automated alerts.

Coptis LAB includes also the inventory management and access to Coptis TOX, a database of toxicology data and Coptis INGREDIENTS, the reference database of more than 15,000 cosmetic raw materials.

By equipping the R&D department with innovative solutions for global compliance, Coptis proposes a proactive approach of integrating all departments working collaboratively in cosmetics development.

Ask for a live demo to see how Coptis innovative technology system improves performance, quality and reliability of information and reduced time-to-market!